I have a master degree and 3 years of experience from India. Please let me know how to proceed on this. Can I apply for a Social Security Number? What should I do? Oct 20, 2012 · My husband’s company did not give as i was travelling from India for first time to US on H4 Visa. me and my son would like to apply for H4 visa while she is still here. I have a question regarding my wife’s h4ead renewal. If she is in the U. Hi, I landed in the US in Jan 2018 and am on a H4 visa. The reason I ask is I know I have to wait another three months or so to get my ead card. Will it be possible for my Wife to apply for conversion to F1 at this moment and leave for India. , the relatives may apply together on Form I-539 Application to change or extend nonimmigrant status. Each visa type explains the qualifications and application items. S. I am originally from India. We are planning to apply concurrent filling COS H4(I-539) and H4 ead (I-765) with future effective date which is June 16th &hellip; My Wife and Child is in H4 visa and don't have the SSN , How to apply the tax return for them added as dependent , I am in USA from Sep 2016 with family Jun 07, 2019 · I want to apply for ITIN for my wife and Kid. My gf was in US on F1 visa in 2002 and thats how we met and now getting married. The DMV officials gave the reason that the Indian DL issued by Andhra Pradesh state, does not had the hologram sticker on it. I am not sure if my sign as the person who prepared it is I work with a top notch IT consulting company in India as a software engineer and about to apply for H4 visa, giving up my job and country. If I apply for Canada PR from US, can I provide the statement of my bank account in India as proof of fund? Do I need to get pcc from India and US both? What other specify proof or supporting document do I need to have if I apply as a h4? Aug 24, 2004 · I got the visa very easily. Jan 20, 2017 · H4 EAD and H1 for my wife along with my H1B renewal Posted: 20 Jan 2017 I have H1B until July 4, 2017. My wife is on H1B Visa at US. </p><p>All I have is the extension acknowledgement receipt. This article outlines the complete process on how to apply for H4 dependent visas. How much help is required from the company in the process? What options do I have if my company doesn’t ply with me for the H4? Awaiting your response. if Yes, while scheduling visa appointment, there is an option called "Principal Applicant Visa Class". I read it online that I need to take a break between H4 approval and H4 EAD approval. visas, children are not eligible for the interview waiver). Aug 05, 2014 · 1. Jan 15, 2004 · I have an H4 visa and I have SSN (not for work). She has her SSN number, but not the card. for a limited time. Can My Spouse Come to the United States to Live While the Visa Petition Is Pending? If you are a U. Privileges of the H4 Visa: Dual Intent Dec 02, 2014 · My wife is in UK(from India) and wants to apply for H4 from there. They are on dependent visa H4 But my visa (H1) has expired and an extension has been applied. Now, as I'm going to apply for her H4, is that difference in name can create any problem? If so, then what can be done? If applying for F2 to H4 change of status, is it best to apply for a status change in the U. Oct 05, 2013 · My employer forgot to apply for renewing the H1B which was expired on 30 September 2013 and my wife has h4 I-797 which is valid till 20 May 2015 and now we have new born baby who is USA born and doesnt have passport even. H4 visa holders can apply for a change of status. Apply US Visa stamping interview in India Next month I'm planning to travel to India from the USA. How to Apply. That means a PERM labor  Why do you have an advance parole? It is fairly certain that your spouse will be put into Admin. If, for example, you find an employer who is willing to sponsor your visa, you can file for the type of visa in which you qualify. on a H4 visa for the past 12 years. My wife is under H4 visa, and she needs to apply for H4 EAD once my i 140 is approved. Oct 19, 2015 · My H1B visa stamp is from my old employer. . On February 26, 2015, USCIS hosted a teleconference about new regulatory changes, effective May 26, 2015, that extended eligibility for employment authorization to certain H-4 dependent spouses of certain H-1B nonimmigrants who have already started the process of seeking employment-based lawful permanent resident status. I am on H1B visa without any stamping in US and she is India on no status. My H1B is approved the last week. Before exploring how to get an ITIN number for my foreign spouse, you should first understand the basics of H4 visa. will it affect to my f1 visa stamping. Remember that if you have the proper documents in place, the process is very simple. If I have to file it alone, how much time would it take? How much would be the alimony if we are married for only 6 months as of now. S? I have over nine years of working experience & at present I am working as unit head IT-Operations in a Bank. Question is, can I apply H4 visa for my wife from US while my H1B extension is in progress and is it a Sep 06, 2019 · How to Apply For a Dependent Visa. The latter Oct 23, 2018 · My spouse went to India on 10/01/2018. I need to apply for my h1b visa extension, I have below questions : 1. Below is a brief summary of the questions asked by visa officer and documents they carried for H4 visa stamping. 1) Can I file as "married filing jointly" and apply for ITIN for my wife when I Many people get H4 visa stamp and then quickly file H4-EAD work permit after re-entering and save time. we got to know that No interview is required in this case and we can just schedule an appointment to drop the documents in the dropbox. Thanks for that. If your country participates in the Visa Waiver Program, you Jul 15, 2013 · My wife's application for PR to Canada was refused on section 4 not genuine and I chose not to appeal but instead to Re-apply. Can my wife apply for an H1B visa? Just so she can start working? (She is doing her MS right now on H4) 2. At present I’m in F1 status. Citizenship and Immigration Services ( USCIS) to Last update: See H4 Visa EAD 2018 News – Lawsuit Status, Trump Certain H-4 dependent spouses of H-1B nonimmigrants can file Form I-765,  30 Aug 2019 You need to take the following steps when applying for H4 visa: the H type visa holder, such as the marriage certificate for spouses and birth  By applying for the H4 visa, these family members are granted temporary residence An H4 visa gives spouses and children under 21 of H1B visa holders the  Q: I am applying for an H1B visa, and I would like my spouse to travel with me; can he/she apply for a dependent visa (H4) at the same time that I do, or must they  For foreigners living in USA who want to bring their spouse to the USA, here is a step-by-step process for obtaining a H4 visa. S, then leave the country and apply for an H4 visa or just leave and apply for an H4 at a U. My questions are : (1) Can I directly apply for her H4 extension(Is it safe) or Do I need to go thru my company lawyer again. So I am eligible for renewal as of now. My marriage is fixed at February 2020. Abused spouses of H1B visa workers can now apply for temporary work permit. working in H1B status. He was much better the H4 visa. My company doesnt support EAD extension application. , they can apply for their H-4 visas at the U. A can be on H1 and later gets married and spouse can apply H4 visa stamp and no petition is needed. </p><p>How can i apply for ITIN under these circumstances</p> My wife is using H4 Visa and is not eligible for SSN now. You and your wife have H1 and H4 visa stamping based on Employer A currently. If you are also applying for a visa, you may carry your child’s application documents with you, along with one A H4 visa is issued to dependent family members (spouse and children) of H1 visa holders who would like to accompany the H1B visa holder to the U. Now I need tio file my US Tax Returns. I am yet to get the documents for that but got a confirmation from my employer this morning. My son is in 9th Grade and in about 3 years, he will be entering college. Oct 22, 2013 · Wife on H4 Visa got citation for Petty Theft. We're DIYing this and have - Answered by a verified Immigration Lawyer My Spouse and I both are having valid US visa(H1-B & H4) and trying to get a list of documents for H4 visa stamping for my new born . Completed Non-immigration H4 visa application form DS-160 stamped at the Visa Application Center (VAC). VisaPro helped Mr. can i file jointly. If applying from India for H-4 for the first time, could I apply H4 visa and EAD together? Or should I get the H4 visa first, then come to US with that visa and then from US only I will be eligible to apply for EAD? A: Unfortunately no. Complete all sections of the form. In the meanwhile can we apply H1 for her in US under this year quota? If we can apply H1, can she come to US on H4 after her H4 stamping in May? Do I need apply a new H4 EAD for my wife when I change a job . Now she will go again in May with additional payslips to get her H4 stamped. Constitution. My wife had SSN whilst she was working here on H1 10 years back, but now she is here on H4 visa. Jun 06, 2012 · What to do if I lost my passport with H1B visa stamp and I-94 and my wife is about to apply for H4 visa? Question Details: I lost my passport with H1B visa stamp and i-94. My wife is leaving US for 3 months in Nov-2018 for vacation, So i want to file her EAD application now so that it gets accepted before she leaves. Family Name Mailing Address Date of Birth Current nonimmigrant status Part 2 – Application Type. She was given citation for "Petty Theft" (for value below $200) just 4 days ago, in California. My wife is submitting her H1B extension application and attaching my H4 [Change of Status from H1B to H4] and EAD petition. H4 Visa EAD Documents Required. S consulate in your home country, following which he/she will be subject to an interview. At that time, I will begin working for a new employer. If they ask why I am going there and what I do there what Generally, dependents (H4 visa, L2 visa, F2 visa) should apply for an ITIN number. S on F2 visa. Jun 06, 2019 · Can I apply a ITIN number for my wife (h4 visa holder) without filing the income tax return ? My son is coming to US with me on AUG 2016, He is a H4 holder who does not have ITIN number now. I have sent an email to the Hyd consulate to withdraw the old case so that i can send my wife for H4 visa now with my new H1 papers. Hello, My wife came to US (H4 visa) for the first time in 2006 & was in the US for 3 months. The USCIS may approve or may not, can you kindly share your experience that will help me make right decision. I have copies of my passport along with H1B visa stamp, but do not have a copy of I-94. Anyone with a valid visa can apply for an ITIN, but you need a work visa for an SNN. We know it is a long process and years of waiting before we get our GC. The visa officer asked me to show my I-797 in my name even though my husband's H1B extension and I-797 approval were obtained before our marriage. It seems our company lawyer is very busy and we are not able to get his time for this. My wife H4 EAD expiration date on EAD card is in 10 months. She left for India and we had a baby last month. we both are from India. N with a new H4 visa application and attend his second H4 visa interview. I got RFE from  20 Sep 2012 H4 Visa Documents Checklist:: The application process for your spouse starts The first thing to note is that the H4 visa only covers your spouse and children Hi, I am a H1B holder and I need my husband to get h4 Visa. An H-4 dependent visa allows the spouse and young children of non-immigrant workers to travel and stay in the U. Jan 08, 2020 · H4 Visa Documents Required at Port of Entry (Last Updated On: January 8, 2020) An H4 visa is a dependent visa, where a spouse (husband or wife) can get to stay in the US, for the same time as the sponsor ( H1 visa holder ). My Wife is in India. She left US quitting her Bachelors in 2003 and went back to India for studies. I know that he can volunteer and have unpaid internships but is there anyway he can earn some money and save up to his college? Jul 15, 2019 · Swathi R. May 09, 2017 · So, all those trying to understand how to get an ITIN number for my foreign spouse, they should know that there is a strong connection between the foreign spouse and the H4 visa. My wife is currently on OPT, but she was just told that there is a high chance she will be laid off at the end of January 2020. My wife is in the U. Though my passport has Visa till 2018 December. Might take another 6-8 months. I was on H1 and my wife on H4 visa. I have my I797A Notice. Apr 09, 2012 · info needed about H4 visa for spouse? and we been married for 3 month i want to apply for a spouse visa to live with my wife and build our life i have readed on Sep 24, 2013 · My wife is on H1-B visa and I am on H4 visa but I desperately want to work in U. -----That is not needed. My 140 is over 6 month, but based on L1 visa. Apr 26, 2010 · -----gove the copy to lawyer where visa officer wrote "H4 Petition" 5) Can my employer file a Amended H1B petition filing my wife as dependent. Q: I was on an F1 (student) visa earlier, and my wife was on an F2 dependent visa. My I-140 is done 4 years ago My Questions: i)What is the process/quickest way to get for H4 EAD approved (I140 Approved) ? ii) Can I apply for H1 for my wife once she is here? iii)Is it safe to apply my H1 ext now or once I reach to Apr 22, 2010 · I am filing my GC and my wife is on H4 Visa. The barcode number on the Form DS-160 confirmation page is required in order to book your interview. We both came to US ( me on F1 and my wife on B2) in April 2011.   If the rules change, which we hope they will, spouses who currently get H4 visas will be permitted to apply for work visas or be allowed to work as well. I The following is my query My wife went for H4 Visa interview on Mar 2nd in India and they asked for 2 more months payslips. right now, apply for a change of status by filing Form I-539. The Form DS-160 must be completed and submitted online prior to your interview at the Embassy or Consulate. Traveled Outside USA, Re-Entered with H4 Visa Stamp. Actually, even you can apply for one on their behalf online. 2. Their dependents (spouse and minor children) can get the H4 visa to accompany them but do not get a social security number and are not eligible to work. Now she will need to go to get H4 visa to come back to US. Just got my family H4 dependents Extensions approved. H4 visa is a dependent visa where she is not allowed to work at all. All the information in one place , anybody can easily understand all the questions and procedures for H4 visa. If everything is fine, she might get a multi-entry H4 visa valid until June 2005 (my current job is for 2 years). my wife is on h1b and commute everyday to work to Detroit Michigan. But the issue is she is out of the country and will be back 1 month after. With this I am about to apply for visa interview in a couple of days. Throughout the rest of this post, you, the holder of the H-1B will be referred to as the principal applicant. I've been filing my tax returns as a Resident Alien. ” She had attended on of my H4 EAD Webinars, and she recognized me from that, and she happens to live half a mile from our home. The new policy made it possible for those in or out abusive relationship with H1B visa holders to apply for temporary work authorization. My wife will not be able to travel to USA before Sept 2014 due to personal reasons. Apr24 is her visa expiring, she wants to apply H4 w/o my documents. Last year I got married and my wife came from India on H4 visa. If you did travel outside USA while H4 COS was pending and now entered using your H4 visa, you should file a new H4 EAD application. Can my spouse go for H4 stamping without me/without H1B stamping on my passport? 2. I have following questions regarding processing EAD for my wife (she is currently working in US on L1B) 1-To get EAD, does she need to get H4 visa 1st? 2-Can we apply for H4 & EAD in parallel, while she continues to work on L1B till these actually come? 3-If we The specific H4 Visa questions asked in the interview are: About the H4 Visa. My wife is on F1 and would like to transfer to H4 and apply for H4 EAD at the same time. This is a lot of good info. if i want to apply for h4 status all i have to do is go to the us border and ask for h4 and bring my marriage certificate and my wife h1b status approval ? Jun 25, 2014 · Currently my wife is in India and I am working at USA. Separate form for each applicant. [Sample Form DS-160] Application US visa fee Jan 12, 2004 · My company applied for H1-extension for me 3 weeks back and I got the Reciept number. , 2. This will entitle him or her to come to the United States to live and work while the visa petition is pending. TIN number will be required to file joint Tax in USA. The Partner Visa for US Working Visas (E3D, H4, J2, L2) Visa Info e3d , EAD , h4 , i765 , j2 , l2 , partner visa , spouse visa , spouse working TheVisaCoach If you browse around all the immigration forums, this is a topic that always comes up and is a critical issue for a lot of people who plan to relocate for work to the US. I have two questions before moving to U. Spouse · Check My Eligibility  My H1B visa was till Nov 2011. My OPT Extension got approved and it will expire on Oct 30, 2017. L2 Visa Denials My wife is going to apply for H4 visa in a couple of weeks. Should my children come? Children under the age of 14 do not need to appear in person to apply for a visa. I’m currently working on H4 EAD. Hello All, I am getting married on Feb 7 and my H1B is getting expired on May 4 and have a valid visa stamping. Can you help me out with that. My wife had a problem while getting DL as though she had Indian DL, she had to appear for the driving test. during their stay. Even, my name is not endorsed on the passport. Can my wife apply for an H-4 visa stamp if she provides the consulate with my new employer’s documents? 19 Oct 2015. Child birth certificate . I hold valid H1 visa and my wife holds valid H4 visa. We still  . Once it expires she won’t be able to visit unless her extension application is filed. My wife came to US on H4 and converted to F1 status. She stopped by to ask if I was “Raghu from Happy Schools. Hi, I am Ganesh B. My company had filed my L1 and spouse L2 extension on premium mode . Off-course, your spouse should have approved H1B for you to get H4 visa. My wife stayed with me for 6 months and went back to India in Sept 2011 ( because her B2 expired). Sweet Deal right? After I had spoken to her, I thought why not do a blog post on difficulties of finding a full-time job as an H4 Visa holder. Apply L2 EAD extension while L1A extension in progress Posted: 14 Sep 2018 Hi ,I am on L1 visa which is getting expired on feb 14,2019. Can i apply for EAD and then can my spouse work ? He has 10yrs experience in IT. In order to request a change of status or extension of stay under L2 status, while in the U. My wife lives with me in the U. The same i explained to the SOS agent but he was adamant on I-797 document. We have no children, we are planning to apply online, please share you thoughts and advice of how to do this. in H1B status. Immediate family includes spouse and children who are unmarried and under the age of 21. Beginning on May 26, 2015, select H4 visa holders became eligible to work in the U. Can I apply for an H4 visa for my wife or do I have to wait for the visa to be stamped on my passport? Please note that I am still on F1 even though my H4 was approved as I applied my H1 under Consular process. Will the dependent get some H4 petition-----No Following is the list of documents required to prepare for H4 visa stamping. My wife’s current i94 My wife tried for an F2 visa but was denied. Current h1b-h4-i94 validty is upto May 2021 whereas my wife’s h4ead is valid until April 20,2020. Can I apply EAD on my own or only my organization has to do it ? Can you please guide through further steps so we can be together H4 Visa EAD: Can You Work on an H4 Visa. or 3. Which type of visa do you want an approval for? You want an approval for the H4 Visa. A H4 visa is issued to dependent family members (spouse and children) of H1 visa holders who would like to accompany the H1B visa holder to the U. Study. S Dec 24, 2007 · Can I apply for a Social Security number even if I only have an H-4 Visa? My wife is working here in Florida as a Physical Therapist and she has an H1B Visa while I am her dependent that&#39;s why I only have an H-4 Visa which is not valid to work. My new employer has applied for my H1B extension, but not for my wife. a. e. My H1B visa is expiring in late march 2020, but the extension was filed three months ago. We can been informed by our accountant that I can apply for a new ITIN as soon as possible to receive the number before the date of filing the tax return. Now we both are in India. 19 Sep 2019 Work ban on H-1B visa holders' spouses pushed back till 2020 that work permits for H4 EAD (Employment Authorisation Document) visa holders could be revoked next The DoJ said this was due to 'inter-agency' process. Thanks, Ajit May 05, 2015 · Priya has been living in the U. Also, my company will be applying green card for me and my spouse once she is in US. I am on H4 visa. 2015) In frequent sessions of our Chat, Sheela Murthy and other senior attorneys provide guidance that H4 visa holders can enter the United States with their specialty occupation spouse or parent. I am pasting the content here which is mentioned in the VISA appointment confirmation. We have received our receipts last week. Can I apply for ITIN for my wife now ? Please advice. My I-140 is done 4 years ago My Questions: i)What is the process/quickest way to get for H4 EAD approved (I140 Approved) ? ii) Can I apply for H1 for my wife once she is here? iii)Is it safe to apply my H1 ext now or once I reach to It is not necessary for both husband and wife to apply for the H1B/H-4 visa ‘stamping. I am on a H1B visa and my spouse holds a H4. I got married last year 2007 in my home country. I filed for H4 Visa as my wife dependent on 6/30/10. So that we will leave us with COBRA in case my wife chooses to quit or something happens to her job. Sep 20, 2012 · H4 Visa Documents Checklist:: The application process for your spouse starts with your spouse applying for a H-4 visa at the U. I was issued a 221g and asked to reappear with I-797 in my own name. Now its 1 year since she is staying there. Can she apply for replacement card on H4 or is ITIN requi Seems like it would be Nov end by the time i get my h4. She will move probably after some time due to some reasons. I did not know the rule and I was under the impression that I can continue to work for 180 days while my renewal application was getting processed. Across the internet I have only found disheartening articles and comments regarding the status of H4 visa holders and their options. Please suggest if it is good idea to do it by my self. My application for EAD renewal was under processing at that time. The university does not accept my OPT so I want to apply for an H1B visa. My H1B visa is getting expired by Dec 31st, 2017. Can I apply for h4EAD renewal now or I should wait until I get my valid h4 extension? My wife has gone on H1B visa in November. ) Hi All, I want to transfer my H1 to a new company but my wife is with me in USA. Mar 29, 2008 · I have a complicated case on my hands. recent marriage H-4 applications are  10 Jun 2019 Work authorization for the spouses of high-skilled foreign professionals is An H -4 EAD application cannot be approved without a valid H-4. had to enter within 90days of start date etc? Can we apply for my wife’s H4 visa as part of my H1B extension, but my wife probably won’t enter until 6months after the start date due to her job? My attorney is asking 1700$ to apply for my wife's H4 Extension, my H1 Transfer is approved and I got email notice but not a physical copy. Which option does she have to fill - homemaker or stude… Oct 03, 2016 · Many of these men are in the US on a temporary work visa called the H1B—Indians receive nearly 70% of all H1B visas issued worldwide—and their spouses emigrate as H4 visa holders. May 26, 2019 · Trusha Sharma. The old H4 EAD I applied for an H1B visa under Consular process and my H1B was recently picked and approved (I have an I-797B). Now, here we are. A federal immigration form that allows some immigrant domestic violence survivors on H4 visa to apply for independent Employment Authorization Document (EAD), is being applauded by Indian-American advocacy organizations. We both travelled USA on Feb 18 2006 and returned back to India on Jan 6 2007. My wife however is not moving currently with me. When you apply for your immigrant visa with the U. ) My OPT expires on May 30, 2016. I am an H1 visa holder and plan to get married my gf in India. If she is going to visit the US before her H4 expires you could apply separately. I have the following questions? My wife had SSN whilst she was working here on H1 10 years back, but now she is here on H4 visa. Your spouse or parent will need an H1B visa, which is a nonimmigrant work visa for The spouses of highly-skilled foreign workers employed on H1B visas are entitled to H4 visa in the US. The U. Question: - Can I send her my documents ( I-797 and supporting docs) to apply for H4 visa. She is looking for jobs in the meantime, but if she cannot find one switching to Nov 17, 2016 · Those requirements may include paying off the taxes which is the main reason why you are questioning how to get ITIN number for my wife. Proc. The reason for this is I changed my job position with same employer which required h1b-h4 amendment in the middle of the 3 year period. In case they ask why I din't go along with her what should be my reply? Each applicant - including children - must have their own Form DS-160 visa application. Hi, Yes, they can. #TK made several (list of Q&A H4 Visa) then practice them to be more confident (especially the reason why #TS can not accompany #TK when apply the H4 visa). If I only file for my h1b Hi, My wife is holding a H1B visa, she is working in US for the past two years, she hasn’t applied for Green Card. So, my question is when we apply for the H4 EAD for my wife, if its approved, will it be valid till March 20, 2016 (date stamped on our Visas) or till March 2019 (latest i-797 and i-539 validity) L2 visa holders can change their status to B1, B2, H1 or H4, assuming they meet the eligibility requirements for each. My LCA filed with the new employer was declined due to which my h1b extension could not be filed. Please suggest how to proceed. The last time she had canadian visitors visa was on f1 Now she is on H4, and i there is no column for H4 visa or special requirements Anyone can give details on how to apply for TRV canandian visa thanks Jun 19, 2007 · my wife got her H1B visa approved just recently and she will be leaving this july. I am applying for H4 visa for my wife and some of the doubts would like to clarify , if anybody can help me here. My wife is having L2 EAD which is also expiring on 14 Feb 2019. He or she must obtain a work visa. Currently she is third year undergrad student. An H-4 visa is a visa issued by the U. My wife left to her brother's place Day 1 she arrived here. On May 26, 2015 USCIS will allow H4 visa holders who are spouses of H1B visa holders that have an approved I-140 and have been granted H1B visa status under AC21 regulations to apply for an EAD. what are the possibilities of our application be approved. Jun 25, 2018 · I'm an H1b visa holder and my wife wants to visit me in the US for a short stay of 20 days. Feb 19, 2013 · My wife has just got her Indian passport. When my wife goes for H4 visa stamping in India, will there be any issue (Because she traveled when H4 visa was pending)? Can my wife travel on L2 with valid visa while I applied COS from L1B to H1B? Can my wife travel outside the US while H4 is in extension? Can a H4-dependent travel after extension filled? Dec 30, 2019 · H4 Visa Interview Experience At Mumbai US Consulate Posted by : Sucheta On 14 Mar 2019 . So if I will transfer my H1 from my current employer then do i have to apply for any status or visa change for my wife as well? Hello All, I am getting married on Feb 7 and my H1B is getting expired on May 4 and have a valid visa stamping. My wife's home country is Fiji The good news is I was approved for a H2B work visa for USA because I had a job offer from a employer in America and my wife was also approved for a H4 visa for USA. Why do you need an H4 Visa? You need an H4 Visa because you want to accompany your spouse to the United States who is a H1 Visa holder. What is the probability of my wife getting an H4 visa as opposed to an F2 visa? Will I have to get my visa stamped in my passport even if it approved before my wife applies for an H4 in India? How long should I have to wait after my H1 is approved to apply for an H4 for my wife? Hello all, I am on F1 OPT currently and my H1b petition got approved on May 26th, 2016(yesterday). My husband is on an H1-B. The question here is whether my spouse should get F1 or H4 visa when she comes in? Introduction . No biometrics appointment required for standalone H4 EAD application. The decision on the extension is yet to come. At this time, Is it possible to apply H4 (Dependent visa) for my wife with my H1B approved petition (Before my H1B stamping)? Like without a copy of my H1B stamp can she go to attend the interview and get her H4 done. Apr 09, 2013 · How to Apply for Dependent Spouse Visa While Staying in Canada on Work Permit? I heard that I or my wife can also apply under dependent spouse visa category and May 19, 2010 · My wife is in Egypt, and i did the sponsorship and immigration application for her, but since it's gonna take some time i was thinking of bringing her to Canada till they make a decision. I am planning to move from H1B to H4 EAD based on my wife’s I-140. Indian Eagle shares details of work authorization for the abused H4 visa holders. Child below 14 years of age must submit a photocopy of each parent’s passport biographic information page and valid U. Thanks for A2A. Now I have applied for H4. We will reject the form if these fields are missing: Part 1 – Information About You. For example, if you get a temporary, non-agricultural job, you can apply for a change of status to an H-2B visa. employer grew tired of waiting and fired me. My wife has applied to do graduate school here, and will be coming this August 2008. Is there a maximum initial entry period after the H4 visa start date? I. As of now, I don't have a valid Visa stamped in my passport, so I applied H1B visa stamping interview for myself and H4 for my wife . I am planning to apply an itin number together with my tax return this year. I have applied for H4 visa and I am going there to take care of my child who is 4 years. Who Can Convert H4 to H1 Visa Status. H4 visa stamping process · H4  Read about benefits and tips when applying for an H4 visa. My son and my wife are on H4 dependent visa which means both of them cannot work in the United States. Now, I need to apply H4-Extension for my wife. immigration law, an H-1B worker's spouse and children can One of the most common questions H-1B workers ask is “Can my family come to the If your family is outside of the U. Does my wife need to change her status to H4? A: Yes, she has to. Filing Tips for Form I-539, Application To Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status. Can my wife and kids come with my H1B visa? Yes, you and your immediate family may come to live in the USA when you get an H1B. I wanted to know if. She will be back In the US along with the child only in Feb 2007. citizen, once you file Form I-130, your spouse is eligible to apply for a nonimmigrant K-3 visa. Under U. She was finger printed in Police Department (I have heard its a very normal procedure) but didn't get arrested and they let her go. visa (note that if parents do not hold U. Be sure to also review the Visa Waiver Program. Hi, I'm on on H1 Visa since last 5 years working for same company. Dec 20, 2016 · I am on H1B Visa. Hi, can i apply for my wife ITIN, she is in H4 and will not be in usa for a while. And I'm planning to travel India for my marriage by July 1st and after coming back am planning to file extension for my H1B by August 1st week. I had an admit from a top-10 university,that might have helped, but I still think it is a better idea to apply for an F1 rather than an H4. Now I am on an H1B after getting a new job. But my wife is not going to enter the USA until July 2004. Not filed return, need to apply ITIN for wife [ 1 Answers ] Hi, I came to US on short term with my wife in Mar 2007 and went back in June 2007. H4 Visa Stamping Documents Checklist - Marriage certificate, Wedding Should I Change My Maiden Name in Passport After Marriage for H4 Visa Interview? Hindi etc for your H4 dependent spouse if they are not good in speaking and  7 Mar 2017 Certain H-4 dependent spouses of H-1B nonimmigrants can file Form Visit our H-1B Visa Web page for more information on eligibility for the  20 Dec 2016 The first one allows EAD application by H4 spouses of those H1B individuals who are going green, if you will. 1. My last H4 EAD had expired on Aug 31, 2019. Choose the visa type that applies to your situation. I have below questions, 1. Is it possible to apply for H4 extension along with my H1 extension when my wife is still in India. To be able to work, an H4 visa holder must first apply for and be approved for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). if this rule gets passed meanwhile , can I apply for ead based on a pending h1 to h4 application. Her visa is valid for 3 more months. She is in UK for a year project Please suggest for the estimated visa approval timeline . My wife is still in my home country ? Can she apply for H4 now or does she need to wait until my H1B Nov 13, 2017 · My H1B visa was refused by the consulate because they had concerns related to my employer’s right to control my work. hoping they allow for concurrent processing of ead and h4 Dec 12, 2003 · She intends to apply for H4 visa in Toronto soon. An individual may apply for H4 to H1 change of status if: H4 visa holder had previously applied for H1B and was selected in the H1B lottery and is now therefore exempt from H1B I currently do not have a H1B visa stamp in my passport because I changed status from F1 to H1B here in the US after graduation. Can I apply for H4 visa for my wife next after my mar… Jun 21, 2013 · me and my wife both Canadian Citizen residing in windsor ontario ( border city ) . In general, an H4 visa holder may not accept employment. Mr. that will give ur fiance/wife a heads-up for getting an assistanship position or any other on-campus job. We have a way for noncitizens to apply for Social Security number (SSN) cards as part of the immigration process. Jan 05, 2011 · Am on H1b visa, and my wife is apply for H4 visa, on the application form, Where do we have mention the purpose of - Answered by a verified Immigration Lawyer Apply H4 EAD after entering US to get EAD approval within 3-6 months. She has a H4 visa against my current employer and her visa is stamped till or valid till May 2009. Despite of a masters degree from India and up to seven Mar 03, 2018 · I am in US on h4 visa. What is H1 visa and what is H4 visa? An H1 visa holder is eligible to stay and work in the U. Let me guess here your situation: 1. May 26, 2019 · One of my friend’s wife recently attended H4 visa stamping at Chennai. I need to apply the tax return for myself . N is now residing in the US with his wife, beginning a new life together. I went for my H4 visa interview today. Jun 14, 2012 · Now i do have multiple entry visa till Sept 30, but my wife's visa expired. What steps should I take to make sure that my wife and my kid get the H4 visa without any issues? Also, my dad is no more, so is it possible to take my mom and my younger sister also with me on H4? I know my wife and kid can stay with me as long as I am there, but can my mom and sister also stay till I am there? Dec 28, 2019 · How to Apply For H4 Visa (Wife/Children) ? Documents Checklist Fees: H-4 Visa is Dependents type visa category for the Principle Holder of Valid H Visa, This type of visa only for H Visa holder’s spouses and/or unmarried children (under age <21). I have H1B & approved I-140. I have few questions regrading filing i765 form. Most of H1B and H4 visa holders are from India. My wife is on H4 and we are living in Edison, NJ. The H4 visa is the one issued to dependents Dec 27, 2019 · My Husband H1 and my H4 Visa will be expiring in September 26th. I want to know if my wife need to re-apply for another H4 visa. The spouse and children of an H1B visa holder are issued a visa called the H4 visa. Hello Anil. Meanwhile what should I fill in the SSN field? May 23, 2016 · Can my wife apply for an H-4 visa stamp in India while I am in the U. Currently my wife is in F1 OPT STEM extension status which is going to be complete by JUNE 2019. Can I now apply for an H-4 visa? 13 Nov 2017 A visa fee receipt for the current visa application . ? Does it matter that my H1B extension was approved, but my H1B visa stamp has expired? Aug 11, 2019 · My H1B extension got approved but H4 extension got stuck into RFE due to a mistake on i539 form. Department of State, you can also apply for an SSN card at the same time. My employer took a while to provide those docs and meanwhile i have transferred my H1 to other company (direct vendor). I am preparing her H4 extension and planning to submit it. Can i apply for new H4 Visa with my application receipt? Hi : I have my H1B extension petition filed . May 26, 2019 · My H1B spouse has I-140 approved. Sep 17, 2019 · I got my H1b visa approval 2019. I know the first step would be to get her here on a visitor visa and then apply for extension. Now my wife is applying for a H4 visa from my home country. I am working on H1B visa and wife is on H4 visa. My family is to travel to India this wednesday and their Drop box appointments are confirmed. The latest news about work permit (EAD) for H4 visa holders is that US government is going ahead to end work authorization for spouses of H1B visa holders as per USCIS director Lee Francis Cissna's letter to Senator Chuck Grassley. I just changed to H1 and get an H4 EAD for my wife. But, as she applied for it before marriage it has her maiden surname and the marriage certificate carries her surname after marriage. My wife’s F2 expires on 2018. Mar 25, 2019 · I applied for an H1B visa at the consulate, but was issued a 221(g) several months ago. Just like other visas, the H4 visa also has some requirements. my spouse came to usa on xxx company and we had a visa upto may 2016,now he want to shift to another company,i am traveling to India for f1 stamping on august. She is going to apply for ITIN. Feb 13, 2013 · Hi, I am on H1B visa and want to get a divorce from my wife who is on H4 visa. Company A Filed my H1B Extension on Premium Processing and forgot to file for my wife H4. My wife is on H4 visa. If am planning to apply H4 visa for my wife and schedule visa interview along with mine. I am applying for (1. A H4 visa is issued to dependent family members (spouse and children) of H1 visa holders who  Step by step guide to apply New H4 EAD for H1B spouses, who qualify for the same. To get an H4 visa, you need to either: (1) apply for a change of status inside the United States (with USCIS) or (2) through the Department of State (US consulate abroad). If my wife sponsors me H4 Visa will i be able to work. Can I apply for H4 visa for my second wife who is from china if my divorce is valid in USA but not in India? I live on H1B visa in New Jersey. She has a valid visitor visa obtained 2 years ago when she was single. It’s a very straight forward process where you file a DS160 application online filling in all the details, and providing all the required documents. He said every person on H4/H2 visa has to get I-797,without that they can prove legal status in US. Jan 29, 2019 · Hi Anil, My employer has applied for i 140 and it is in pending state right now. Feb 18, 2008 · I am currently on H-1 visa. H4 pending need to apply for h1b Posted: 21 Jul 2010 My H1b expired on 6/30/10. currently am on h4 visa ,i got admit in university ,now i want to apply for change of status (h4 to f1) . Thanks to them for taking time to write and sharing their experience with our readers. we can file H4 for my wife on my own later? 2. The first step of the H4 to H1B conversion process is determining if the H4 visa holder is eligible to convert H4 to H1B status. Oct 14, 2016 · When to apply for an H4 visa extension and H4 EAD extension? Question Details: I am on an H1 visa with current expiration date 5 months from now. ’ If only one person needs or wants the visa stamp, the other can stay in the United States. Oct 01, 2017 · Hello My wife is currently working in USA on H4-EAD and but her H4 visa is expired and we filed H4 extension while we are in USA which got approved , also her H1b got approved without COS while she was working on H4 EAD, so her current status in USA is H4 and hence she is still working on H4 EAD. embassy? Question Details: I am currently on OPT and found a job at a university. So this is  Overview; Visa Descriptions and Qualifications; When to Apply; Application Items although their spouses and children may be nationals of other countries. Here the are the documents which is required to carry. Let's say while my GC is in progress, 1. For applying as married filing jointly , I need to have ITIN for my wife. May 26, 2015 · I have approved i140 and we are planning to apply for EAD for my wife. She was in US for 2 years on F2 visa. My application (first time) for H1B is approved yesterday. First i would like to thank you for your great work and this is very helpful for the guys like us. When to apply for the ITIN? You should apply for your ITIN as soon as you are ready to file your federal income tax return, since you need to attach the return to your application. I also recommend people to get H4 visa stamp in either Mexico or Canada instead of filing H4 COS while they are in H1B 60 day grace period after job loss. (08. Jun. Dec 28, 2019 · How to Apply For H4 Visa (Wife/Children) ? Documents Checklist Fees: H-4 Visa is Dependents type visa category for the Principle Holder of Valid H Visa, This type of visa only for H Visa holder’s spouses and/or unmarried children (under age <21). updated process with Biometrics in 2020, Renewal, Processing time, FAQs . she was with me in usa between sept 2015 to jan 2016. Can she apply for replacement card on H4 or is ITIN required? Dec 06, 2017 · Hi : I have my H1B extension petition filed . Indian-American activists are excited about a new development that bodes well for H4 visa survivors of domestic violence. So if you are concerned about how to get ITIN number for my wife, then you must understand that you need to submit an application in this regard. She also has valid employment in her home country (India) and will be traveling with the proof of employment letters and a return ticket. Sep 13, 2016 · For H4 visa, the US embassy officer just want to make sure that you are the “REAL” spouse/child of H1-B visa holder. After September I can’t work as my H4EAD also expires. Step 1 For Nonimmigrant Visa applicants:Determine your visa type by reading Common Nonimmigrant Visas. Now the questions are, Can I get H4 stamping along with H1B with just one interview scheduled? What are the supporting documents for H4 that I need to have? Mar 16, 2005 · Hi there, I have fallen into similar situation. In DS-160 form she has to fill her primary occupation. And if she does get rejected, you can always apply for an H4 then. I am not entirely clear about your situation on H1 stamp from your ‘previous company’. H4 visa holders may engage in full or part time study. We have already responded RFE. So I planned to go for visa stamping 1 week before my marriage. how to apply for h4 visa for my wife